Trip to Cancun for Auntie Mia's Birthday
March 2008


For Auntie Mia's 40th Birthday, Grandpa hosted everyone for a trip to Cancun! 
It was amazing and fun for everyone

Here is Grandpa, dancing with his grand daughters the night we arrived

The next day, we visited the Mayan ruins south of Cancun in Tulum

The beach in Tulum was unbelieveable!

But it was quite a walk down!

Next we took a boat to Cozumel Island

There was a guy in traditional clothes in the outdoor mall, in front of Hagen Das!

Here is the boat.  Smooth sailing out to Cozumel, but rough coming back!

Emily and Juliana decided they had to have their hair braided. 
They kept it like this for a week after they got home

Here is Emily in boots too big for her britches!
Nice tattoo sign, eh?

When we got back, the girls got to play with some monkeys. 
Can you see the thrill in Juliana's look?

And the monkey's liked Emily!

We also went into the jungle to an underground cave.
They had every type of poisonous snake which exists in the jungle there in cages so you could see them!
We got prepared to go through the caverns

It was really neat

And then everyone went horse back riding while dad hung out in the outdoor snack bar!

And Juliana did her best to talk to every bird she came across,
which there are plenty of in a jungle!