Following is a small collection of some of my favorite older 
family pictures from places we have been and things we have done.
 They are in no particular order.  Enjoy!


Casa St. Denis

Casa Girls in the backyard!

Casa St. Denis from the air

Here is the family in the snow up near Tahoe, February 2004 

Emily could not eat enough snow!


Here we are going to see Thomas the Train in Utica NY, June 2004

Mom and Emily dancing at the fair at the rail station

And Juliana dancing with her first boy friend(!)

Here are Michael, Juliana and Emily in the pool hanging out on a 
Saturday afternoon in August 2003.  The girls LOVE the water!

Easter 2004

4th of July 2004

Emily, kicking back reading her Leap-Pad


Emily riding a horse outside the Sacramento Zoo, Summer of 2003

Emily at Halloween time 2003, driving while on the phone!

For Christmas 2003, we went to visit Lori's sister Mia in Laguna.  What a beautiful place!

There is Mia, watching Emily (endlessly) chase birds!

Lori and Juliana

Here we all are on the beach

Lori and Juliana playing in the surf

Me and Emily, waiting for the wave to come in so we can run up the beach!

One afternoon, the girls went to the Long Beach Aquarium.  What a fun place for kids!

Emily is not too sure about holding this bird!

When we got back to our place, Emily got a bike and Juliana a car for Christmas

Here is Emily, on her new ride

Juliana is styling in her new police cruiser special

And of course, they love to share....

This is a recent picture of the girls playing dress-up and hanging out in the laundry

In the spring of 2004, Lori and her friend Wendy took the girls to Capitola.  
You can just tell the girls love the beach!  UCSD maybe someday?

The girls love animals of all kinds.  We went to a petting zoo while on vacation 
in NY this summer.    Juliana was a little scared, but that did not slow her down!

And when Emily sees a horse, she just has to get a ride on it!

Of course, Juls too...

Can you believe how nice and gentle they are being with the baby deer?

And Lori got to hold a Boa Constrictor with the girls.  Ah, who is holding who?

The St. Denis Princesses


And last but definitely not least, one of my favorite pictures of my girls, playing together.