Halloween 2004


Here we are at the pumpkin patch,
there were many, many pumpkins....

And they were having a little bit of fun!

Jules got to pet a few animals as big as her.

We all went on a train ride...

And had a little snack (okay, mine was kind of big)...

And then the hunt for the perfect pumpkin.  We walked and walked,
and Jules found hers.

And walked some more looking for one for Emily.  I found one,
but it was not the perfect one.  So Emily scoured the whole field,
miles and miles of pumpkins...

Till she found the perfect pumpkin, all 50 pounds of it...
a mile from the hay ride back!

but boy was she happy to get back on the hay ride with that pumpkin!

And Jules got to hold them both, all the way back!

Getting ready to go, with friend Savanna

Sitting on Grammy's lap all dressed up, nothing better!

Time to get out and collect some candy!

AHHHH.... The loot!

Can eat this now?  And this?  And this?  And this? . . .