Between Christmas and New Years, we went to the snow 
and built an igloo with our friends


We all had a great time, but it took a lot longer than we expected (five hours!).

The girls love to eat snow!


Emily and friend Cedona handing out!

Juls sledding


Emily and Cedona throwing down the sleds and going for it!


The start of the igloo

More layers

To this point took about three and a half hours!

They kids "helped"

It was getting tight with me inside and putting up the last blocks

And then I was trapped inside!

Tom had to cut me out 


As soon as there was a hole in the side, the kids climbed in. 
Do they look like they are having fun?

Time to get a real door on the igloo

All of my girls, including Lori tried it out

The master igloo builders

Side view with our "Eskimolds" we used to make the blocks

The finished product from afar

We even got inside, not all that easy since the door was not all that big (and we are)

The proud families!