Juliana's Seventh Birthday!


Birthday Girl - Can you tell she is excited?

All birthdays start with the traditional trip to the nail salon...

Then we had a family party at home

It started with some entertainment by the girls!

And some gift opening with the family. 
On the left on the ground is Juliana's Aunt Mia, and then on the couch is Grandpa Mike, Uncle Arlo,
Nonnie (my mom), Grammy (Lori's mom), Renee and Lori in the foreground

Juliana's theme was animals, so Lori made her a snake cake (actually she made two of them..)

Kind of weird, candles in a snake?

Here is Juliana eating the snake head!

After dinner, Juliana wanted to have a family night so we set up some games and everyone
stayed and played games all evening.  It was a lot of fin.

Nonnie and the girls

The next day we had a party for Juliana and all her friends.

Juliana loves critters, so Julie of Nature's Critters came with a bunch of animals for the kids to check out.
Juliana could not have been happier!

It started out fun and small with a frog....

And then it got more and more interesting...




Bu then came out what everyone had been waiting for... the big snake!!!  Some of the parents left the room!



Does she look happy, or what?

So... the theme was the reason Lori made the snake cake.  But the one we had for the family party
was not big enough for all the kids, and Lori made it with red velvet cake so it looked a little gross
inside and she thought the kids may not like that!  So, he is the large snake cake which she made for the kids.
I have to say, it was incredible looking.

Here is the birthday girl blowing out the candles

She had to have the head, again!

Juliana with her friends Vanessa and Savanna who have
been family friends since all the kids were born!

The family after the big kids party

And finally after two full days of parties, Juliana was wiped out from all the fun!