During Thanksgiving vacation, we all went to Lego Land. 
Grandpa, Grammy, auntie Mia all came along.  We had a great time.
We were there all day and still only saw about half of the park.


Can you believe it, a Lego Santa?

The girls loved the Lego wall!

Emily, Juls, Grammy and Grandpa on the enchanted cruise

The girls decided to tempt fate by playing in the water.  They started out dry...


And then got a little wet...

Well, then a lot wet...

Fortunately, there were giant kid sized body blow dryers, and Grandpa bought them Lego land towels!


Mom and Juls on the kid powered tower.

And auntie Mia and Emily on the tower

Juliana took to the Volvo driving school very seriously.  She did get her drivers license.

Emily took to it seriously as well, but in a "gotta beat you" racing sort of way.

Emily's first flight with Daddy, and it was in a Helicopter! 
Note however who it is that has the controls.

Juliana at the controls with Mom and a passenger.