We now go to the local Pumpkin Patch / Farm to get 
a pumpkin each year for Halloween.  They have everything 
there the girls love, animals, hay rides, food, and pumpkins!
These pictures are for our annual trip in 2005 and the
great carving of the pumpkin.


Mom and the girls

Dad and the girls

First, we HAVE to see all the animals.

Jules climbing the sheep

And brushing the goat

And of course, giving the goat a hug

Does Jules look grown up or what?  Wow I am getting old...

This was the hay ride our to find the perfect pumpkin

Here is Juliana claiming squatters rights to the giant pumpkin.

They are loving this thing!

Emily makes her claim too.

They met the daddy carry limit, I think it weighed 200 pounds!

What, do I look worried?  It was easy... NOT!

And the fun hay ride back with our claim!

Lori and Emily enjoying the ride back to drop off the pumpkin

Wow Emily was tired from looking at pumpkins

Whoa, and Juliana too!

It took a lot of coaxing to get them to put their hands in there!

What a cute little devil!