Trip to San Francisco for Michael and Sunny's Birthdays
January 2009


We figured it was time for the adults to get away, even if just for an evening.

Lori's sister Mia was kind enough to come up and hang out with Emily and Juliana
so we could go to San Fran with two other couples to celebrate
Michael's birthday and our friend Sunny's birthday.

We started the day with a cable car ride.

Here is the operator, he was really cool and nice.

We made it over the hill...

Guess what the squiggly sign is noting?

Lombard street is the squiggly line.  Oh wait, we came back later, keep reading...

Alcatraz out there in the distance.

Oh no, here comes another Trolly!

Jon, get your head in!

And here is when we got off the Trolly.  Look familiar?  :)

When we got off the Trolly, there was a place there renting these strange looking
three wheeled carts and bicycles.  We decided most of us were lazy and on
vacation, so we rented the carts.  Check us out!

We drove all over the city and up to the end of the Golden Gate. 

We walked out on the end of the GG bridge, this is looking down at Fort Point

Lori, Sunny, Jon and Deanne.... well, one side of them.

Jon and Deanna, ah...

And here we are, coming down Lombard street.  You should have seen the looks we got!

After a full day we all went to dinner at a nice place.   We also had a drink
in the Carnelian Room and walked all over near Union Square.  We
had breakfast at Sears, if you are in SF, you have to visit Sears!

Jon, Deanne, Michael, Lori, Mona, Sunny