Again we did a trip to San Francisco for Michael and Sunny's Birthdays
This time, we decided to try riding Segway's. 

January 2010


Michael and our friend Sunny's birthdays are two weeks apart, so over
the weekend in between, we went to SF again like last year.

This year, we decided that we had to ride Segways through Golden Gate Park
OH MY GOODNESS, Segways are fun!
It is amazingly easy to learn.  Of course, there were a few crashes.  Sunny was first,
then Deanne had a little mishap, but, Michael chased Jon across the grass in a park,
hit a bump and really had a big crash.  No one was hurt and it was all good fun!

We started out with lunch at the Beach Chalet.  From Left to Right, Michael, Sunny, Mona, Lori, Deanne, Jon

The view from the Beach Cafe was great.  If you have never been there you should try it!

After lunch it was off to the Segway's.  We met Charlie of "Segway SF Bay" for a lesson.  I have to say, Charlie and the
whole experience were just perfect.  I kept wondering if there was a hitch, and there was not.   Charlie
met us at the restaurant, and then we went to a parking lot behind the restaurant to get an introduction and
lesson.  Within a few minutes, we were off.  Charlie rode with us for the first 30 minutes showing us around
Gold Gate Park and then took off and told us to have fun.  And did we!!!  Wow. 

Here is Charlie unloading the Segways.

Here are Jon and Deanne just getting used to them.

Here is Lori, isn't she cool?

Deanne and Mona, getting started.

Once we all had it figured out, we tried to line up in a line...

After the lesson and the tour by Charlie, we were off on our own!

Lori cruising through the woods...

Mona in the lead...

I took some video of us, first the crew on a dirt path cruising by and then
on the sidewalk and the road.  These things really go fast (about 12 mph).


We stopped by a lake in the park for some couples pictures.

The whole "Mall Cop" Crew


We did stop to take a picture under a HUGE tree.  Yes, the base is wider than all of us!

Told you it was big!

The Men!

The Ladies!

Michael, having a Pixie Stick, just like Paul Blart!
Check out the video!

I have to say, the Segway's are just total fun!

After all that riding, we went down to the ocean to look around.

We stayed at the Sir Francis Drake hotel, by Union Square.  Here we are with the Door Man.  Nice Uniform!

After a full day we sat in front of the fire place and had some wine, bread and cheese.  It was really nice and
relaxing after the full day of chasing around in the park.

After that, we all went to dinner at Scala's Bistro which was in the hotel.  The food and atmosphere were excellent.

Deanne, Jon, Lori, Michael, Mona, Sunny

Me and Sunny with our birthday cakes.


It was another great trip.  We again had breakfast at Sears Fine Foods which was
across the street from our hotel before we headed home.  This time three of us
tried the "World Famous" plate of 18 Swedish pancakes.  Yummy!