The St. Denis/Larkin Family Reunion took place in June 2004 and was a GREAT Success!  It was held at Tom and Judy Dubanowich's ranch in Carlton NY.  Thank you to everyone who attended and especially to Tom and Judy for hosting the event and to Gerry St. Denis for helping take it from an idea to a reality.

The reunion included a BBQ, golf, volleyball, swimming, rides in the Judy Deere Gator and a visit by Karnack.  All in all there were over 100 people in attendance. 

Below are just a few of my favorite pictures from the get together at the St. Denis house in Rome, some from Forestport (including the house with the cat on the rock) and from the reunion itself.  More pictures from other people cameras have been added at the end of 2007 here:

bulletBrice Cranston
bulletLise McCalpin
bulletPat Cranston - Pictures

Here are my pictures

The old St. Denis house in Forestport New York


And the cat on the rock at the old St. Denis house!


St. Denis' and Larkin's, sitting on the rocks in Forestport


A permanent part of Forestport, my great uncle Terry Larkin (and me)


Terry giving one of his famous "Tin Men" to my girls Juliana and Emily


The pre-reunion gathering at the St. Denis house


Tom and Judy's house.  What a great setting for the reunion (thanks again!)


Descendents of the the "St. Denis" side of the family


The "Larkin" side of the family


Some of my favorite pictures of happenings at the reunion