Shooting Pictures

Greg and I suited up for Tactical League

Here is a competition


The "Handgun Side" scenario.

The rifle range is LONG.

And one day, I had a total meltdown while shooting a scenario in the rifle range.  My mag pouch fell to
my ankle and became an ankle weight.  You can see Erine (the safety officer) laughing as my mags
fall out of the gun, etc.

Me in Las Vegas, with my friend Dano shooting an MP5!

Here is the Sac valley Shooting Center
This is the view from in front of the clubhouse.

A typical "action" shooting bay

Some of the "Action" shooting bays.

Here is a view of the range from the west end, there are LOTS of ranges, hand gun to very long.

The clubhouse awning.

Sherman setting up a practice scenario


Here it is all set up.

Here is Jason, trying my shot gun

Check out his reaction!

Me practicing with my Colt Sporter

Greg and I at our qualifier for our NV CCWs.
Greg punched out the orange dot on the head, I hit mine dead center.
This is six shots each at 3, 6, 9, 15 and 25 yards.



In the fall of 2010, Greg and I took a "Tactical Shotgun" class at FrontSight.

The class room is in that building above

A lot of handgun training ranges

Rope towers - looks like fun!

A whole set of "training" doors"

The LONG drive to the shotgun range

The shot gun/rifle range

The trailer

This is Roland, the instructor

The class



Me and Greg

The "Simulator"!!!